6 TH Empire Network is the premier provider of construction, engineering and supply chain management services in Southern Africa. Flexible and guaranteed delivery is a major requirement for our customers .

By offering such a wide range of services, 6TH Empire Network provides a comprehensive and integrated approach to meet our customer's requirements. Our distinctive combination of talent and experience is unmatched in our industry.

Many successful partnerships have been established in a number of industrial sectors. Over the last five years, 6TH Empire Network has experienced unprecedented growth. We are focused, not only on capitalizing on this growth in Southern Africa but also, on building for sustainable, continual growth over the long-term with specific focus in expanding operations in Central and West Africa.

6TH Empire Network is a leading business in many markets and is setting the standard for ethics, safety and sustainability. We have a holistic approach and leverage our operations to add value throughout the infrastructure cycle.

More than just a premier service provider of consistently high quality work 6TH Empire Network is a stable partner on whom customers can always rely on.

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F:+ 27 11 465 4453


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